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Swimming Pool Heating

A heated pool provides a soothing and relaxing experience that you cannot get from an ordinary swimming pool. What if you can enjoy a heated pool anytime of the day, all year round? Does that make sense? It surely does.

When it comes to swimming pool heating in Perth, trust only a company that provides the best options. Pool Heat Pumps Perth offers an extensive range of products to keep your pool safe, warm and energy efficient. We stock high quality, environmentally friendly pool covers and heat pumps in Perth.

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    Residential Heating

    We have been providing solutions to our client’s pool heating needs for over 25 years. Through our honest and dedicated service, we have earned the trust of residential pool owner’s right across Perth. Regardless of the size, type and design of your swimming pool, we can provide you with a heat pump and a pool solar cover that fits perfectly. We have the expertise to complete the entire installation process for you.

    Commercial Heating

    Make us your premier supplier and installer of commercial pool heat pumps in Perth. We take great pride in the quality of our products and workmanship. We carry some of the most trusted brands to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Browse through our pages to find out more about our products and services. Contact us today for any enquiry or to request an onsite quotation.

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    Evo Heat is one of Australia’s leading pool heat pump brands. Compact design, smart technology with super quiet operation is only the start. Click below to see the full range of Evo Heat Pumps.

    Fusion Heat Pumps 7-19kw

    EVO Fusion-i Series

    Force Heat Pumps 9-28kw

    EVO Force-i Series

    DHP Heat Pumps 9-26kw

    EVO DHP-R Series

    Quality Work Guarantee

    Swimming Pool & Spa Association

    You can feel confident when dealing with Pool Heat Pumps Perth as we are proud members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Western Australia.


    Quality Brands


    Heat Pump Benefits

    • Will heat a pool for 12 months of the year

    • More efficient than gas heating

    • Low running costs

    • Heats pool regardless of weather

    • No solar tubing on roof

    • No leaking pipes on roof and rusted gutters

    • Easy installation

    • Offset running cost with Electric PV Panels

    • Long term warranties


    What is the minimum ambient running temperature of a heat pump?2020-08-21T15:13:04+08:00

    Most heat pumps will operate down to air temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to operate a heat pump through the daylight hours when the ambient air is warmest.

    What power supply is required?2020-08-21T15:13:18+08:00

    The power requirements of a heat pump vary depending on the input KW’s. Some heat pumps will plug into a standard 10 amp power outlet and others will require 15 amp power supply or possibly 3 phase.+

    What is a heat pumps performance dependent on?2020-08-21T15:13:34+08:00

    The performance of a heat pump will fluctuate depending on several variable factors

    • Size of Pool
    • Size of the heat pump
    • Use of a pool cover
    • Ambient air temperature
    • Desired temperature
    Why choose a heat pump over gas heating?2020-08-21T15:14:01+08:00

    Heat pumps will heat a pool at a fraction of the cost of gas heating, no need to run a gas line to heater location which can be costly.

    Why choose a heat pump over solar heating?2020-08-21T15:14:17+08:00

    There are several reasons why you might choose a heat pump over solar pool heating, heat pumps can heat the pool all year if required, no need for unsightly solar absorber pipes on the roof taking up roof space. Running costs are often offset by solar pv power systems. No leaking pipes on roof damaging gutters. Fast and easy installation.

    What is COP?2020-08-21T15:14:39+08:00

    The COP is the Coefficient of Performance. It is the ratio of energy input to output. Eg a unit with a COP of 5 would provide 5 units of heat for every one consumed.
    For example a heat pump with a COP of 5 would use about 4kw of electricity and output 20kw of heat (ie 5 x 4kw =20kw).

    How long will a heat pump take to heat my pool?2020-08-21T15:14:57+08:00

    The initial start-up heating time will differ, depending on the size of the pool and the air temperature at the time that you are trying to heat your pool; other considerations affect the time also, but these are not as important. However, once your pool reaches the temperature you desire, the run time can be as little as only a few hours per day.

    How does a heat pump work?2020-08-21T15:15:21+08:00

    Heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract the heat from the ambient air and transfer it to the swimming pool water. Click Here

    What is the best location for a heat pump?2020-08-21T15:15:40+08:00

    Heat pumps are designed for outdoor installation and should not be installed in enclosed areas such as a shed or garage. Recirculation of cold discharged air over the heat pump will greatly reduce the units heating capacity and efficiency. Heat pumps should also be installed as close as possible to the pool equipment to reduce heat loss through pipework.

    Do i need a pool cover?2020-08-21T15:15:58+08:00

    A pool cover is the most effective way to reduce heat loss, a pool without a cover will lose 2-3 times more heat than a covered pool. A pool cover will dramatically reduce the running hours and running cost of a heat pump. A pool cover will also greatly reduce water loss from evaporation.

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