By design, pool heaters help you maximise the use of your swimming pool when the water is too cold for comfort. Some homeowners, however, worry about the energy costs needed to keep the systems running.

Pool heaters can contribute a significant amount to a homeowner’s monthly utility bills, especially with frequent use.

If you want to minimise your pool heating costs, here are a few ways you can start:

Lower the Temperature of Your Heater

Water temperature has a significant effect on power consumption. The warmer the pool, the greater the energy usage. Lower the temperature of the heater during daytime to reduce the energy needed to warm up your pool.

A common belief is that that heating a pool back up to your desired temperature is more costly than leaving the pool heater on throughout the night. This is false. The longer a pool heating system runs, the higher your electricity bills will be. If you aren’t using your pool heater for consecutive days, turn the system off and unplug the cable from the socket to save on energy.

Use a Solar Pool Cover

Warmth doesn’t last very long in swimming pools. Your pool often loses a significant amount of heat due to evaporation, reaching up to a 70% heat loss. To minimise your energy usage while enhancing the heat retention qualities of your pool, invest in a high-quality solar pool cover.

By harnessing energy from the sun, solar blankets insulate the surface of the pool when it’s not in use. It prevents water evaporation, prolonging the warmth of your pool. Using a solar blanket also means your pool heating system is required to run far less often and for shorter periods, reducing the need for electricity.

Upgrade to a Heat Pump

You can depend on pool heat pumps to warm up your swimming pool for lower energy costs. Compared to other pool heating options in the market, pool heat pumps require less energy to transfer heat to your pool. They are robust machines with an internal heating mechanism that converts air into heat for the water, ensuring a comfortable swim every time. No matter the climate, a pool heat pump is an effective heating solution for your pool.

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