Pool heat pumps are an excellent choice, especially if you want a heated pool any time of the day. Apart from keeping your pool warm all year round, heat pumps also come with many other benefits. Here’s 4 to think about:


Heat pumps produce a higher amount of energy than they consume. For every one kilowatt of electricity, heat pumps generate around five kilowatts of heat. These products are not only energy-efficient, they’re eco-friendly, too.

Low Running Costs

Since pool heat pumps don’t use too much energy, you don’t have to worry about steep monthly electricity bills. It is true that most pool heat pumps available in the market today have high upfront costs. But when you think about it, you’ll still save money purchasing these products as they are inexpensive to run.

Reasonable Heat Up Times

Compared to gas heaters, pool heat pumps have the slower heat up time. But if you match them with solar pool heating, heat pumps are way faster in warming the water in your pool. Since gas heaters aren’t eco-friendly and solar pool heating needs the warm temperature from the sun to perform well, heat pumps are still a reasonable choice out of the three.


Generally, heat pumps have a 15-year lifespan. So if you want to invest in a heating solution for your pool, these heating systems are a good choice. You got to admit, during the colder months, a heated pool at home is a godsend. You’ll feel blessed even more if you no longer have to think about high electricity bills or sudden heater breakdown while taking a dip in your warm pool.

If you’re ready to purchase a heat pump or want to learn more about this product, give us a call today.