There are many reasons to invest in a heat pump, but false information can prevent many pool owners from making the right choice. If you are shopping for your first heat pump, it’s important to have all the facts. We debunk five of the most common pool heating misconceptions to help you make an informed decision:

Myth: The efficiency of the heater depends on size.

In this case, ‘the bigger, the better’ doesn’t apply. Although bigger heat pumps may translate to more power, the suitability and efficiency of the system rely on various factors, including the size of the pool and the average climate of the location.

Myth: Pool heat pumps produce too much noise.  

One consideration that makes pool owners turn the other way is the supposed noise level made by heat pumps. As with all other equipment, not all heat pumps are created or maintained in the same way. With quality design and proper maintenance, the system produces just enough sound to let you it’s running without being a distraction.

Myth: Pool covers don’t make any significant difference.

To those who are sceptical about pool covers, the distrust ends here. Pool covers can do a lot in improving the pool’s temperature. By reducing evaporation loss, it also cuts down the cost of replacing and reheating lost water.

Myth: Pool heaters don’t make a financially sound investment.  

The logic behind it is simple. By allowing you to maximise the use of the pool, even in the colder months, a heater adds to the cost-effectiveness of owning a pool. To make the most of your investment, ensure you can use it all year round and take every opportunity to enjoy the nice, warm water.

Overall, the lesson is, if you are keen on getting the most out of what your pool can offer, a pool heat pump will ensure that your pool is always welcoming. Let our team help.

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