Having a heated pool means having more time throughout the year to enjoy it. Even on chilly nights, you’ll be able to take a nice warm dip from the comfort of your home. Keeping a swimming pool heated for extended periods, however, can be expensive. This is why at Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we only have energy efficient pumps that keep consumption to the minimum while maintaining the perfect temperature to your pool water.

In addition to using these energy-saving pumps, here are some ways you can keep your pool heating costs to a minimum:

Get a Pool Cover

Pool covers are worth their weight in gold because putting a pool cover on your pool will help in conserving heating energy by up to 70%. Furthermore, covering your pool will not leave it at the mercy of falling leaves and other unwanted debris when not in use.

Run the Filters at Night

In many territories, including Perth, electricity is cheaper during off-peak periods. Night time hours, therefore, are an excellent time to run your pool filter. You will pay cheaper fees for each kilowatt-hour used.

Use Chlorine at Night

Chlorine is more cost-effective when used at night. It is a highly reactive chemical, and the UV rays from the sun can quickly diminish its potency. In fact, on very sunny days, it only takes a few hours to wipe out active chlorine.

Smart Pumps to the Rescue

Using high-tech pumps like the Zodiac ZS500 can mean a lot of savings on your pool heating and maintenance. They can turn on and off, depending on the need and can function autonomously. By using them, you can be sure the pumps only heat the pool when necessary, with minimal intervention on your part.

A backyard swimming pool with heating is a great investment. It is not just good family fun, but it also translates to an increased home value. Cutting the electricity bill is a good place to start when you want to minimise the costs of running and owning a pool, after all.