If you want to enjoy the swimming season all year round, using a pool heat pump to warm your pool water is a great option. Pool heat pumps work by extracting the latent heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the pool water. This allows for a consistent and pleasant pool water temperature regardless of the outside weather. That being said, this kind of electric pool heating can be a little expensive. So, is there a way you can get all the perks of a heat pump, but with much lower running costs?

With AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump, you can now extend your summer fun by heating your pool fast and maintaining a comfortable swimming temperature, all while keeping your pool heating costs down. Here are three reasons why AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump is the best pool heating option in the market today.

High Energy Efficiency

AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump has the latest inverter technology that enables it to reach an extremely high Coefficient of Performance (CoP) when compared with standard heat pumps. While standard heat pumps constantly run on a single-speed at full capacity, the advanced inverter technology reduces the load as soon as the pool water reaches the desired temperature. This maintains the water at a warm and comfortable swimming temperature and greatly saves on energy.

Rugged and Durable

The materials used in the AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump are designed to stand up to the harsh Australian climate. The casing is made of fully moulded plastic that makes it impervious to corrosion, while the heat exchanger is made of titanium and guarantees maximum strength and long life.

Wi-Fi Module Add-On

AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump comes with the optional Wi-Fi module add-on, which gives you the ability to control it from the palm of your hand. Using a smartphone app, HeatPumpGo (available for both Android and iOS devices), you can keep track of and adjust your pool temperature at the touch of a button.

For healthy family fun in the summertime, nothing beats the enjoyment of a backyard swimming pool. But hot summer days are numbered and no one wants to swim in cold, uncomfortable water. Well, with AstralPool ECO Inverter Heat Pump, you can enjoy warm and inviting swimming water throughout the year.

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