Would you love to be able to use your swimming pool all year round? You can, all you have to do is install a swimming pool heating system to it.

You see, most people don’t use their pool past the summer months because of the cooling temperatures so a pool heater is necessary to remove the chill from the water, set it a comfortable swimming temperature and away you go.

Pool heating systems come in three different types, gas pool heaters, solar pool systems and electric pool heat pumps, all come in a range of models and makes, with varied options and capabilities to fit your budget and pool heating needs.

See below our basic yet informative guide to help you decide which heating system is best for your pool.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are very useful in colder climates. They are ideal for venues where the air temperature is below 20 degrees. These heaters also heat up quickly and operate independently of weather conditions.

Pool owners have utilised gas heating systems for decades because of low gas prices. However, gas prices have increased in recent years, making this type of pool heater more expensive to operate than in previous years. Also, gas heaters are not 100% environmentally friendly, as they emit pollution while burning gas.

Consumers, therefore, now prefer more cost-efficient pool heating alternatives. As such, other heating methods have increased in popularity.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar energy plays a huge role in environmentally sustainable products. Solar pool heating systems obtain energy from the sun, and they benefit pool owners who live in sunny areas. Solar heaters generally have up to a 25-year lifespan, making them highly durable.

A solar heater’s efficiency is dependent on the amount of sunlight it receives. It cannot operate at night and it works less efficiently in cloudy conditions. To maximise the solar pool heating capabilities, the solar collectors need to be installed on the roof and in an ideal location in full sun, at the correct angle and without any shade blocking. In addition, solar pool heating can be one of the expensive heating systems available on the market.

Pool Heat Pump

Electric pool heat pumps are a reliable year-round heating solution. If your pool is used continuously, a heat pump maintains an even flow of warm water to raise its temperature. Most heat pumps also allow you to cool the water, which is a valuable feature in warmer climates. Pool heat pumps operate independently of air temperature, are energy-efficient and use renewable energy.

An electrical heat pump has a lower operating cost compared to a gas and solar pool heating systems and can be less expensive up-front. Over time, the costs of heating a pool with this type of heat pump amounts to nearly half the expense associated with a gas pool heater.

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