At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we strive to deliver cost-effective and high-performance pool heating systems throughout Perth. We offer quality swimming pool heating systems that suit the individual needs of clients. Our products seamlessly integrate into your pool and offer long-lasting warmth that allows you to maximise your investment all year round.

As part of our commitment to providing efficient pool heat pumps, we have partnered with leading heat pump manufacturer EvoHeat. We supply their EvoHeat CS Series, a highly innovative and precise system powered by advanced pool heating technology that reduces carbon emissions. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from homes to public pools, water parks, agriculture, resorts, hotels and apartments.

The EvoHeat CS Series is a tried-and-tested system, backed with verified performance testing and audited laboratory reports. The range also comes with the following warranties for its components:

  • 15 years for the titanium heat exchanger
  • 5 years for the compressor
  • 2 years for parts
  • 1 year for labour

The CS Series comes in two different models: the main CS Pump Series, and the CS-Gen2 Series.

Features and Benefits of the EvoHeat CS Range

The CS Series is an advanced pool heat pump with comprehensive electronic controls. There are numerous models available for the CS, each suited to different type of application. Models range from 38 kW to 200 kW units. You can also fit multiple units in one location, should you need to heat larger pools.

The system carries numerous advanced features to enhance your pool heating experience. It provides high-precision temperature control and heat transfer using electronic expansion valve technology, double coil titanium heat exchangers, and a built-in digital controller and microprocessor system. These components ensure high Coefficient of Performance (COP) and efficiency.

The system also runs on dual defrost systems and automatic reverse-cycle defrosting to reduce downtime and reduce utility costs, as well as an automatic defrost system to allow for efficient operation regardless of weather conditions. The system is protected from corrosion by a powder-coated and galvanised steel cabinet exterior and Epoxy-treated chassis.

You can connect the system directly to your pool’s filtration circuit and pump to accommodate high flow rates and low-pressure drops.

Features and Benefits of the EvoHeat CS-Gen2 Range

The CS-Gen2 range focuses on sustainability and energy-efficiency. It contains a V-shaped evaporator that saves space while maintaining the coil cleaner and assisting with defrost performance.

The system runs on an advanced R410a refrigerant for enhanced performance. Like the CS, the CS-Gen2 also relies on electronic expansion valve technology, as well as a dual defrost system composed of reverse-cycle and Thermotec defrosting. The Thermotec system assists the main defrost by moving low-grade heat to the condenser base, slowing down ice build-up and ensuring that the system is heating more than defrosting. It is especially beneficial in colder areas, where heaters are more vulnerable to frost build-up in pool systems.

The Evo Heat CS Commercial Heat Pump range offers pool heating like no other. Experience cost-effective and sustainable pool heat pumps from Pool Heat Pumps Perth today.

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