Taking a dip in the pool is a refreshing experience. It helps you relax and feel fresh, especially during hot sunny days. So how can you enjoy your pool all year round if you’re living in Australia, where temperatures can be extreme during winter? Pool Heat Pumps Perth provides the answer!

To extended your swimming season, we recommend installing one of our pool heat pumps. These highly efficient systems will keep your pool warm even during the cold winter days, so you can relax or spend quality time with your family anytime you want.

Air to Water

Also known as “air to water” heat pumps, our pool heaters work by absorbing heat from the air and transferring that heat to the water using a condenser, much like a reverse cycle air conditioner. This process can provide heat to you swimming pool all year round.

Not Too Hot

Our heat pumps are designed to provide just the right water temperature. The system does not heat your pool directly; it draws water from the pool, heats it, and then returns it.

The condenser and evaporator, the two key components of the pool heat pump ensure you of perfectly warm and invigorating water all of the time. The therapeutic benefits of bathing in warm water are great, such as muscle relaxation and physical rehabilitation. Your children will, likewise, love to play and soak in a heated pool.

Swim Anytime

With a heated pool, you can go swimming any time of the day or night. Installing a pool cover will likewise keep the water warm and may reduce your heat pumps operation times.

Here at Pool Heat Pumps Perth we only sell and stock premium quality pool heat pumps we trust and recommend. Download our brochures and call us today for a free no obligation proposal.