Extend your swimming season with a pool heat pump and pool cover

If you have an outdoor swimming pool and live in a region where it’s cooler during the day, you may be interested in these options to heat your swimming pool water without putting a dent in your budget. After all, what can be more exciting than enjoying a dip in the pool when the outside temperature is cold?

So what is the most efficient pool heater to keep an outdoor swimming pool comfortably warm and enjoyable throughout the year?

Pool heat pumps

One swimming pool heating system that is becoming more popular in Perth is the pool heat pump. Pool heat pumps let you use your pool no matter what the weather is like outside, so you can get the best return on your investment.

Pool heat pumps do not heat the pool water in the way standard electric pool heaters do. Instead, they extract and use the heat from the ambient air, further heated and then turned into a hot gas, to warm pool water.

Advantages of pool heat pumps

Because they generate their own heat, pool heat pumps are generally much more efficient than electric and gas pool heaters. Although they cost more, they have much lower operating costs — meaning that they can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. They are also more durable and have a longer life than both electric and gas heaters. If installed and maintained adequately, pool heat pumps can easily last up to at least 15 years. Pool heat pumps are also much better in comparison to solar heaters as they are unaffected by weather changes and unavailability of the sunlight.

The importance of solar pool covers

Your pool heat pump will work even better when you use a solar pool cover. Sure, pool heat pumps will efficiently heat the pool water, but it is also important to keep the water warm for as long as possible — and that is exactly what solar pool covers do. They will undoubtedly increase the efficiency, thereby lowering the operating costs of your pool heat pump.

In addition to keeping warm water warm for a long time, solar pool covers also protect the pool from falling and air bound debris. This reduces both cleaning time and the amount of money spent on cleaning chemicals and general maintenance.

How do solar covers work?

Also referred to as solar blankets, solar swimming pool covers are designed for the optimisation of water temperature control, and they can be considered to be a “passive” form of solar heating. Solar pool covers work by preventing evaporation which in turn results in higher retention of heat energy within the pool’s water volume. Solar pool covers can also raise the temperature of the water by about 15 degrees on a sunny day. This is achieved because the pool cover not only retains the heat stored in the water but also passes the energy of the sun’s rays into the pool to elevate the temperature above that of its surroundings. Solar pool covers are also efficient at preventing night time heat loss as they conserve the captured energy of the sun throughout the daylight hours. This ensures that a pool is warm throughout the night and in the morning, even if the air temperature has yet to heat up.

In conclusion,

When the temperature rises to intense highs, nothing feels better than a quick dip in the swimming pool. However, you can feel just as refreshed during the cold and frosty months when you use a pool heat pump and solar pool cover to heat your pool. This investment can have you swimming comfortably in your pool for much of the winter. This can mean many more months of the year of happily splashing around in your pool.

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