AstralPool Heat Pumps

Natural gas heating is unavailable or uneconomical to run in various parts of this great continent of ours even right here in Perth. The good news is this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on having a quality heated swimming pool to enjoy a longer swimming season.

The AstralPool heat pump range is the most technologically advanced environmentally friendly pool heating option in in the market place today. These heat pumps operate just like the way a reverse cycle air conditioner heats your home. AstralPool Heat Pumps extract the latent heat that exists in the environment around us and delivers it directly to your swimming pool water.

The new AstralPool HP and iHP heat pump models use Inverter Technology. This means the heat pump works similar to a variable speed pool pump, as the heat pump approaches the set temperature the heater will then automatically slow down, monitoring the temperature at a slower speed, which intern reduces you overall energy costs.  With its unique internal ventilation design and the addition of silent mode the heater can operate super quiet at any time of the day without disturbing the neighbours.

Its no wonder that we are seeing many homeowners chose an AstralPool pool heat pump as their preferred choice of heater to heat up their swimming pools.

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Available ECO Inverter Models: ECO-iHP70, ECO-iHP90, ECO-iHP120



Available IHP Models: HP88, HP126, iHP120, iHP170, iHP195, iHP242, IHPt127, IHPt168, IHPt246

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Eco Inverter HEat Pump Specifications



Heat Pump New Astral Specs 190218


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  • Environmentally Friendly Pool Heating
  • Extend your swimming season to all year
  • Low operating costs with fast heat up times
  • Maintains the pool temperature 24 hours a day
  • Super Efficient & Whisper quiet
  • Simple & Easy Installation

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