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Compact and packed with features the Z200 range of heat pumps are ‘intelli-heat’ ready, enabling you to set the desired water temperature and it will operate at any time of the day completely independent of the filter cycle time. They also feature a simple to use control interface making set up a breeze.

Available Models: Z200 M3, Z200 M4, Z200 M5

Suitable for most domestic pools the Z300 series heat pump has the ability to cool as well as heat your swimming pool. It is Zodiac’s latest addition to its range of heat pumps and includes many user friendly features. It is one of the best heating products available for pools up to 70,000litres, in all climates across Australia, and has the potential to provide “all year round swimming” when used in conjunction with a thermal blanket.

Available Models: Z300 M5, Z300 M7, Z300 M8

Water heated to the temperature you want, when you want and depending on the time you have available. It’s no longer a dream, it’s a reality with the new Zodiac ZS500 heat pump with Heatselect® technology. This is the first heat pump in the market offering you a choice of 3 operating modes. ECO mode allows the ZS500 to operate at as little as 50% of total energy available in the system. Smart Mode operates between 50% and 100% and Boost Mode allows you to run at 100% when you want to heat your pool as quickly as possible.

Available Model: ZS500 MD5


Zodiac Z200 Heat Pumps Units Z200 M3 Z200 M4 Z200 M5
Recommended max pool volume Litres <35,000 <45,000 <55,000
Usage output type extend season*
Global performance standard measurement: air 28°C/water 28°C/humidity 80%
Power input kW  1.9  2.5 3
Heating capacity (at 28°C) kW 9 12 14
COP (Coefficient of performance) (at 28°C)  4.7  4.7  4.7
French N.F. Performance measurement: air 15°C/water 26°C/humidity 70%
Power input kW  1.6  2.1  2.6
Heating capacity (at 15°C)  kW  6.52  8.46  10.2
COP (Coefficient of performance) (at 15°C) 4 4 4
Technical Information
Flow rate litres/minute 67 84 84
Hydraulic connection 1/2 union PVC 50mm
Nominal intensity A  7.09  9.36  11.2
Maximum intensity A  8.7 12.4  15.7
Acoustic pressure @10m dB(A) 37 41 44
Net unit size (L/W/H) mm 841/400/665
Net/Gross weight kg 47 48 50
Warranty/warranty on titanium parts 2 years/5 years

Models Z300 MD5 Z300 M7 Z300 MD8
Max recommended pool volume (m3) 50 60 70
Usage Type Heating and Cooling Heating Only Heating and Cooling
Power Input (kW) 2.2 2.9 3.6
Performance output at air 28C/water 28C/Humidity 80%
Heating Capacity (kW) 14 16.1 20.5
COP 5.9 5.6 5.6
Technical Information
Ave. Water Flow Volume (LPM) 83 100 108
Water Connection Unions PVC dia. 50mm 50mm 50mm
Electrical Connection Single phase 240V/50Hz Single phase 240V/50Hz Single phase 240V/50Hz
Nominal Intensity (A) 10 13 16
Maximum Intensity (A) 14.5 16.1 22
Recommended Elec. Protection (A) 16 20 25
Noise Rating (dB) 40 40 40
Net/Gross Weight (kg) 63 68 81
Net Unit Size (L/W/H)(mm) W950 x H840 x D465 W950 x H840 x D 465 W950 x H840 x D 465
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  • Extend your swimming season a few extra months
  • Very affordable running costs (even when compared to solar)
  • Doesn’t rely on the sun or position and size of collectors
  • Simple and inexpensive installation with no extensive plumbing requirements


  • Swim all year round
  • Very affordable running costs
  • Heat and cool your swimming pool water to the desired temperature
  • Swimming pools up to 70,000 litres


  • Variable speed compressor technology
  • 20% larger heat exchanger surface area
  • EcoSilence Mode – super quiet operation
  • Heat intelligently with Smart Mode
  • Engage Turbo with Boost Mode
  • Vertical Blower unit for discreet installation

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