Perth is the swimming pool heartland of Australia. This, according to Roy Morgan Research in 2015. Its report revealed that 18% of the households in the Western capital have swimming pools. This is above the average percentage in comparison to Sydney and Brisbane with 16% and 15%, respectively.

Pools can  increase a home’s curb value and make gatherings more enjoyable. The backyard feature also offers health benefits for you and your family. But you have to look after it so it continues to deliver on your lifestyle and wellbeing needs.

When you have swimming pool heating in Perth, make sure to have solar pool covers in place. The following are reasons to do so:

Saves Water

When the pool is not in use, the water evaporates. Evaporation accounts for 60% of heat loss from your pool.

Swimming pools with higher water temperature with low humidity and high wind speeds are susceptible to water loss. Evaporation happens even to indoor pools, especially without proper ventilation.


Pool covers for indoor pools minimise the need for ventilation. Since your pool will have a cover, you need not worry about evaporation, which means you do not need exhaust fans. This saves you money on energy bills.

Furthermore, since it traps the heat in the pool, you can run the heating pump for a shorter period; just enough to reach the temperature you want.

Hinders Algae Growth

Because a solar pool cover blocks sunlight, algae growth is scarce, which means you do not need to use too many chemicals. An algae-free pool means a sanitary, better looking pool.

The most common algae in pools is green; other types are black, which cling to the walls, floors and grouting, and yellow/green, which you could easily brush, but it returns quickly.

At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we recommend pool blanket installation when using heat pumps. Our Elite Solar Pool Blankets reduce the running time of your heat pumps, which cuts the running time as well.

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