Heating cost is one of the biggest considerations for pool owners; this is true in whatever economic climate. If you’re keen on improving your pool’s energy efficiency to cut down costs, here are helpful pointers to follow:

High-Quality Pool Pumps

As it is, high-quality pool pumps have an almost 100% energy efficiency rating. This means most of the energy used is converted to heat, with little energy loss. The next move is to choose a pump size that’s just right for the pool. Pumps that are larger than they need to be can to be less efficient. Smaller pumps can be more energy-efficient circulating the water effectively while using less energy.

Pool Covers

Evaporation accounts for 60% of the total heat loss from your pool. It is, for this reason, it’s advisable to have a pool cover when you have a heat pump installed. Without a cover, you can lose up to three times more heat and energy expenditure. Having a cover in place significantly reduces heat loss through evaporation, reducing the pump’s running time and therefore saving you energy.

Pump Timers

A pump timer allows pool pumps to circulate the water with as little energy loss as possible. By setting the timer, the pump can run just as long as necessary to circulate the water and shut off on its own. It may take some experimentation, adjustments and trial runs to see how much time is needed.

These pointers give you the best of both worlds: lower heating costs and a heated swimming pool! At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we offer a range of pool heat pumps and pool covers for residential and commercial pools. Check out our products or get in touch with us today.