Project 6

Project 6 This mornings installation, 70,000 litre swimming pool heated to 28 degrees using an AstralPool Inverter iHP 242 24 KW Heat Pump together


Project 5

Project 5 PROJECT SCOPE – 25 X 3 METER LAP POOL, We installed a Waterco Electro Heat Plus 25 kW single phase heat pump


Project 4

Project 4 PROJECT SCOPE – 50,000 litre concrete pool with dedicated plumbing for heating. Client wanted to extend the swimming season but not use


Project 3

Project 3 PROJECT SCOPE – Six year old solar heating system on the roof of house, client wanted to have solar energy


Project 2

Project 2 PROJECT SCOPE – 25 meter lap pool with swim out in Perth hills, client was training for the Rottnest swim and wanted


Project 1

Project 1 PROJECT SCOPE – 180,000 litre concrete pool, client requested a pool temperature of 32 degrees for 12 months of the year. We