No doubt, owning a swimming pool is a privilege. It is an excellent place to exercise, unwind and hold social and family events. That being said, keeping the pool in good condition and keeping it at a comfortable temperature that pleases everyone. Here’s where a pool cover can make all the difference to your pools temperature.

A pool heater can be the most important piece of equipment you will ever buy as a pool owner.

In order to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest even in the colder months of the year, a good pool heater is essential. Not only will it provide comfort for the swimmers, it can also allow you to use your outdoor pool for longer amounts of time, both at night and in Spring and early Autumn when the air temperature drops.

Pool heaters allow the recirculation of the water, removal of contaminants and maintaining a comfortable water temperature. A good pool heating system can help to keep your pool at a consistent temperature at all times by using an internal thermometer to accurately keep the temperature so it’s always at teh temperature you like when needed.

Pool heaters need a pool cover.

A pool heater will heat your swimming pool’s water, but if you want more efficient heating, you may want to use a solar pool cover with your pool heater. Solar pool covers capture heat from sunlight inside thousands of tiny sealed air bubbles and transfer that energy to the pool water.

Solar pool covers provide many useful functions, one of which is maximising the benefits of the pool heating system by reducing heat loss from your pool. Because pool covers can effectively seal in the things that should be in the pool, swimming pools with a cover typically retain two to three times more heat than pools without a cover. This greatly reduces the running time of your pool heater and also almost entirely eliminates heat lost through evaporation (the most significant factor in heat loss for a large body of water), thereby cutting back on the portion of the energy bill devoted to keeping the pool temperature ideal to swim and relax in. In addition, the solar cover absorbs the warm rays from the sun and pushes them into the water. The material works like a one-way valve, allowing the heat to enter the pool but not allowing it to escape. This function alone can heat the water by up to 8%!

A pool is a major investment and you want to do everything you can to maximise it. That means protecting it during the winter months and making use of a quality heating system and pool cover to get the most out of it during the swimming season. Do not cut corners where your family’s enjoyment is concerned. Find yourself a good pool cover and make those investment pay dividends for you!

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