Summer may be the hottest time of the year, but that does not mean we are completely without the occasional bout of cold weather. Cool spells occur randomly during some evenings of the season, making evening swims a bit too chilly for your liking.

It is a homeowner’s dream to prolong the swimming season as much as they can. To meet your demands, Pool Heat Pumps Perth provides heating solutions for nights or even days when you feel your pool needs more warmth.

Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps

A unique technology utilised by the Aquatight titanium heat pumps allows you to save on energy costs. The pumps absorb warmth from the air and use it to heat your swimming pool. Compared to other pool heating options, homeowners can save up to 80% on electricity charges with an Aquatight heat pump.

Hayward Heat Pumps

Similar to the Aquatight heat pumps, Hayward heat pumps also have an advanced titanium counter-flow heat exchanger that can heat your swimming pool all year round. Its unique selling point is its quiet operation system powered by a profiled fan blade design. These heat pumps come with digital touch pads will a full display and timer for a convenient user experience.

AstralPool Heat Pumps

We consider the AstralPool heat pump as one of the most technologically advanced yet environmentally friendly pool heating options on the market. Its system works like a reverse cycle air conditioner by extracting latent heat from the atmosphere and delivers it directly to your pool. Expect a simple installation process and fast heat up times with the AstralPool heat pumps.

Founded by Peter Schmidt, Pool Heat Pumps Perth has been helping homeowners maximise their pool investments for more than two decades. We saw the need of pool heating options in Perth, and we dedicated our time, efforts and resources in providing you with the solutions you need.

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