As summer makes way for autumn, it is time to start preparing your pool for winter. Even if you are not planning on using your pool in the colder months, making it winter ready helps prevent problems. Algae build-up and other factors can drastically affect the quality of your pool when they are not addressed properly. Additionally, preparing it for the winter gives you the opportunity to use it with ease and comfort even in the cold.

Here are simple steps to take in order to ensure that your pool is ready for winter.

1. Clean the Pool

Before anything else, start by thoroughly cleaning your pool. Brush the walls, floor, and edges to prevent algae from forming. Additionally, regularly vacuuming and emptying the skimmer and lint baskets reduce the chances of debris from forming and causing cleanliness and sanitation problems.

2. Clean the filter

Your pool’s filter is home to large deposits of oil and grease. When left untouched during the winter months, these deposits will harden and result in complications down the line, particularly by damaging your filtration system. By regularly checking and cleaning the filter, you are working to avoid issues that will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the device.

3. Balance the Water

A pool must have an average pH level of 7.2 to 7.6 for safe swimming. A lower pH level creates acidic water, while a high pH level creates cloudy water, both of which cause eye and skin irritations. Adjusting your chlorine levels for the temperature changes results in a well-balanced pool that is safe to swim in.

4. Use Shock Treatment

Shock treatment for your pool elicits the use of chlorine and other chemicals that work to eliminate harmful bacteria from cultivating in the water. In using this treatment, you are able to rid your pool of organic and waste such as sweat, sunscreen, and animal droppings. Additionally, the practice allows your pool sanitiser to concentrate on killing bacteria rather than the mentioned contaminants.

5. Set Your Heat Pump

The change in temperature affects your pool’s water chemistry. To keep it and the chemicals you use for it well-balanced, employ the use of a pool heat pump. Aside from allowing you to enjoy your pool in winter, a heat pump helps stabilise water chemistry for better quality.

6. Use a Pool Cover

In order to maximise your pool in winter, it is advisable to install pool covers to support your heat pump. The covers work to reduce the pump’s running time while preventing evaporation. Additionally, using pool covers prevent decries from falling into the water which reduces alga build up.

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