Using a pool heat pump is a powerful and efficient way to keep your swimming pool temperature warm and comfortable to swim in, whether its 30 degrees outside or 13… Like all heating and cooling systems, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your heat pump runs efficiently. If the heat pump is neglected then the heaters internal components can deteriorate faster and its performance and efficiency can suffer dramatically. With proper heat pump servicing you can maximise your heaters performance and thus, your savings. With that in mind, here are a few heat pump maintenance tips that you might find worthwhile.

  • Good airflow is essential: In order to run efficiently, your pool heat pump requires a proper flow of air. Therefore, you may want to keep your unit and the area around it clean and free from debris buildup (leaves, twigs, etc.) and obstructions like shrubs and branches.
  • Do not let the unit get in contact with water: It is ironical how something that constantly deals with water can suffer serious damage if exposed to water. Well, heat pumps are electronic devices and if the internals of any electronic device are exposed to water, damage may occur. So, its a good idea to keep your pool heat pump dry for as long as possible.
  • Do not let it sit: Sometimes, something as simple as just using your heat pump can be the best preventative measure. Not only does a constantly running heater have a good water circulation, but it is also protected against debris buildup and internal corrosion.


When to service your pool heat pump?

Servicing your pool heat pump on an annual basis can help you identify minor problems before they turn into major ones. This way, you can get them fixed in good time and avoid costly and unexpected repairs in the future. Annual servicing also helps keep your heat pump working at its peak performance much longer… and that means, no more huge electricity bills!

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