Perth is a swimmer’s paradise. Here, everyone loves to swim. From kids to adults, at home or at commercial complexes, the swimming season for us is all year round. One of the most important parts of extending the season is the pool heat pump. These provide a comfortable swimming experience without burning a hole in the pocket. Much has being written and said about the different pool heater technologies that have evolved over the years. The conclusion, however, remains the same – high efficiency and low-cost inverter pool heat pumps.

The inverter technology in Australia has been around for a while now, and it’s definitely a game-changer. EvoHeat Industries Australia Pty Ltd is one of the most trusted and specialized inverter pool heat pump manufacturers in Australia. Having a range of advanced inverter heat pumps, they offer reliable and durable pool and spa, heating and cooling solutions. Being a 100% Australian owned and operated company, they fully understand what the Australian pool owners need.

EvoHeat Pool Heat Pump Range

The EVOheat heater are incredibly smart, economical, and efficient. Let’s take a quick look at their newly launched inverter ranges:

Fusion Series: These are select performance domestic pool heat pumps that are ideal for all-round recreational pool activities.

Force Series: Force inverter pumps are high-performance, low-cost pool heaters for year-round operation.

DHP Series: Being a premium domestic series/light commercial heater, these are designed with Wi-Fi control, colour touch screen, stainless steel cabinet and a host of other features.

At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we stock the entire range of EVOheat pool heat pumps.

EVOheat Inverter Pool Pump Features

With exceptional performance and low-cost operation, there’s a lot more these pumps have to offer. EVOheat doesn’t merely provide the basics – they specialize in bringing the best and most innovative solution for the buyers. Unlike other manufactures, they’re absolutely confident in their technology. EVOheat pumps are:

Easy to use and install

Has EvoTech step-less DC full inverter technology

Available in multiple models

Sleek and compact design

Eco-friendly refrigerant

Minimal operating noise

Compatible with solar systems

Latest corrosion protection on the condenser fins

Titanium heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer

Performs well in even -7ºC to 43ºC ambient temperature

Intelligent automatic defrosting

Consistent and year-round energy efficiency as compared to other heat pumps

Has the highest COP (Coefficient of Performance) ratings available worldwide

Android & iOS application allows easy and remote access to the system

The entire range comes with industry-leading warranties on several parts to further promote peace of mind.

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With the most efficient pool heating and cooling solutions, EVOheat brings the best for you! Their entire range of exceptional pool heat pumps provides around 15% more energy efficiency while translating to more substantial and long term savings.

To order your very own EVOheat pool heat pump, get in touch with our experts at Pool Heat Pumps Perth. We’re amongst Australia’s top suppliers offering products designed to last much longer that too at the most affordable prices.

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