One frequent question that customers ask us at Pool Heat Pumps while shopping for a heat pump is “how big or small does my heater need to be?” In this blog, we will take a look at some basic measurements that you can do to estimate the size of your heat pump.

Understand The Basics

If you are looking for an efficient pool heating solution in Perth that will offer you year-round swimming, you cannot go wrong with a pool heat pump. These units produce heat by extracting the ambient heat from the air and using electricity to transfer it to the pool water. This means that the running costs of a heat pump are far cheaper than other pool heating solutions. This also means that its crucial the right size heat pump is sized correctly to ensure energy output matches the pool to be heated.

It is also worth keeping in mind that pool covers play an important roll in heat pump running times and costs. If you are using a pool cover, you may be able to select a smaller sized heat pump for your pool.

Step 1: Calculate the volume or capacity of your swimming pool by measuring its surface area (length x width) and then multiplying it by the average depth. For example, a rectangular pool with a length of 3m, a width of 5m and an average depth of 1.4m will have a surface area of 15m (3 x 5 m) and a volume of 21 cubic meters (15 x 1.4). Because there are 1000 litres in a cubic meter, the capacity of the pool will be 21,000 litres.

Step 2: Divide the volume or capacity of your pool by 2,500. In the case of our example above, this would give us 8.4 (21000 / 2500). This is the number of kW (Kilowatt hours) your pool heat pump requires.

Important: The above calculation is based on the standard requirements for Perth Western Australia. It is the measured power needed when using a pool cover.

Use An Online Calculator To Test Your Specifics

To help sizing a heat pump, you can also use an online calculator that can measure the exact power requirements for your pool based on individual measurements and conditions, such as your local temperature range.

Before you call your local heat pump supplier and ask them to give you a heat pump that best fits the results of the above calculations, it is important to discuss your final choice with Perth’s pool heat pump professionals.

Call Pool Heat Pumps For More Information

By following these steps, you can quickly and easily determine what size heat pump is right for you. If you need additional assistance, one of our pool experts at Pool Heat Pumps will be happy to help correctly size a heat pump for your pool. We have been installing and servicing pool heaters across Perth for more than twenty-five years. We know everything about pool heat pumps, and if you would like to discuss how a heat pump could work for you, call us at 1300 810 149, connect with us today.