Have you ever dived into a swimming pool only to find that the water was too cold for you? Despite turning on the pool heat pump, does the temperature of your Perth pool still let you down?

Aside from warming and cooling houses and buildings, heat pumps can also heat a pool. By using a heat pump, you can extend your swimming season and enjoy more hours of fun and exercise in  your own backyard pool.

But how long should you run your heat pump for in order to have a warm, comfortable pool temperature?

It is vital as a pool owner that you familiarise yourself with the heat pump run times. So, this is what we would be diving into today.

To begin with, if you are planning to heat your pool, you need to take into account the surroundings, pool cover, weather, dimensions, and volume of the water to achieve your desired temperature. Heat pumps pull heat from the ambient air rather than generating their own heat. Therefore, heat pump operation and run times vary with respect to the weather conditions and surroundings.

Considering this, you cannot set a standard heat pump run time for all pool heat pumps.

There are two major factors that impact the pool heat pump run time. These include:

As mentioned above, weather can significantly influence the run times of your heat pump as pool heat pumps do not create heat on their own. The colder the weather, the lesser heat your heat pump will produce, resulting in longer heat pump run times. Heat pumps operate better in temperatures above 10 °C.

Pool Covers
Pool covers are a great way to conserve energy as evaporation is the largest source of energy loss. In some cases you can get away with a smaller-sized heat pump if you use a pool cover. An uncovered pool loses heat quickly. Therefore, it will experience a slower heat gain than the one which is covered. A good quality pool covers can retain 75% of the pool’s heat loss.

Calculating the run time
Pool heat pumps are known for being extremely efficient. On average, a heat pump can heat a 32 m2 pool to 29 °C (which is the ideal swimmable temperature) within approximately 12 to 48 hours, conditions pending*.

The size of your heat pump also impacts the heat pump run times. For every 1 kW (kilowatt) of power consumed, they create approximately 5 kW of water heating energy per hour. Naturally, the higher the kW, the lower the run time, as it will create more water heating energy.

Where can I find a quality pool heat pump?
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