Swimming has always been synonymous with our Australian identity. There’s an endless stretch of gorgeous beaches, water holes, we have a fantastic sunny climate with an abundance of marine life and fresh seafood. It’s no wonder why we have such an affinity for the water. But what if it’s not summer, THAT perfect time of the year, the sun isn’t shining, and it’s too cold? If you’re a water lover and have a pool then there’s no reason you cant be swimming all year round!

Why swim all year round?

Swimming is such a fun activity. It’s not just a part of the summer culture it’s so much more. It’s an all-over body workout, stress buster, great for socializing, and being in a regular practice keeps you confident in the water. So when the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean you’ll hang your bathers until spring time. Here’s a few different options that can help you extend your swimming season.

#1 Solar Covers

This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to keep your pool warm. These are bubble wrap like plastic covers that lay on the water with the bubble side down. Also called solar pool blankets, these prevent the water and heat from evaporating as well as utalising the suns UV rays to help heat the water as well. Remember though, capturing the suns here will only work when the sun is out. The other great feature about solar pool covers is they also helps keep the debris out. Solar pool covers are great and we would thoroughly recommend get one for any type of pool.

#2 Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heating is a great heating option and the reason for this is that they have  a rapid heat up time, they can heat the water up fast when heating from cold. But with the price of gas is ever increasing so the operating costs to run a gas heater on a daily basis to heat your pool can be very expensive. Gas pool heaters are generally not 5 star appliances. They burn fuel so if your looking for something more environmentally friendly, a gas pool heater may not be what your looking for.

#3 Pool Heat Pumps

Next on the list, we have pool heat pumps. While you are reliant on sunlight and ambient temperature for solar pool heating techniques, having a heat pump is the perfect solution to keep your pool, nice and toasty warm, so you can swim all year round. High-quality heat pumps are easy on your pocket, have a long service life, and are more environmentally friendly than gas pool heaters. Heat pumps are ideal for any pool size whether they are for residential or commercial applications. they are easy to install, use and run extremely quiet and have very low consumption costs.

A pool heat pump with a solar pool blanket is what we usually suggest. Heat the pool to the desired temperature with a heat pump no matter what the weather is like, and use a solar pool cover to keep the heat in the pool. It’s so much like covering that freshly brewed cup of coffee with a lid to keep it warm!

So, there you have it! We hope these ideas are helpful in your quest to heat your pool all year round. If you need more information and like to extending your swimming season with a pool heat pump, get in touch with our experts today at Pool Heat Pumps Perth. Drop your message here, and we’ll get back to you asap.