Installing a swimming pool heating system in your pool lets you enjoy the benefits of swimming all year round. Here are some things to remember regarding pool heating:

Do Invest in a Quality Pool Heating System

Choose the best type of pool heating system to fit your requirements and budget. Solar pool heating is an environmentally sustainable method of pool heating. A solar heater’s efficiency is dependent on the amount of sunlight it receives, so it may not be suitable if in a sheltered area. For maximum benefit, install the solar collectors on a roof, preferably north facing, in an open space.

Another pool heating option is an electric pool heat pump. These heating systems are energy-efficient and use renewable energy, also making them an eco-friendly alternative. A pool heat pump is more cost-efficient compared to other pool heating systems, and is capable of both heating and cooling water. At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we sell and stock premium quality heat pumps that are easy to install and have long-term warranties. We supply leading brands such as AstralPool, Evoheat, Aquatight, Hayward and Waterco.

Do Cover Your Pool

Using a solar pool cover helps draw in natural heat from the sun. It is advisable to have a pool cover installed when you invest in a heat pump. A pool without a cover will lose 2-3 times more heat compared to a covered pool. Keeping it covered will reduce your heat pump’s running time and minimise evaporation. Evaporation accounts for 60 per cent of heat loss from your pool. We are suppliers of Elite solar pool blankets, which are one of the leading pool cover brands in Australia. In the last 10 years, we have supplied and installed over 1,000 pool covers and rollers across Perth.

Don’t Forget to Maintain Your Pool Heat Pump Regularly

Heat pumps can go for years without requiring major repairs. However, the unit needs routine servicing and maintenance. Maintaining your pool heat pump drastically lowers repair costs and reduces part replacements throughout the heater’s lifetime.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Pool Heating

Pool heating enables you to swim all year round, giving you an option to participate in one of the best forms of exercise. Swimming has several health benefits, is highly therapeutic, and an ideal choice for people looking for a fitter lifestyle.

Pool Heat Pumps Perth Supplies Industry-Leading Pool Covers and Heat Pumps

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