Keeping thirty-thousand litres of water in an average swimming pool at a warm temperature is challenging. Homeowners agree that it is important to heat pools in an affordable and energy-efficient manner. Traditional gas heaters have efficiency ratings as high as 75 per cent. This means that one-quarter of the heat produced by gas heaters is lost in the combustion process and dissipates through the water’s surface.

Pool heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient pool heating options. They keep pools warm through a refrigeration process that moves heat from one part of the pump to another. This allows more efficient heating without combustion. Since heat pump maintenance is the key to consistent performance, here are some tips to make your pool up to two times more energy-efficient.

Keep Vents and Evaporator Coil Clean

After a few months, your heat pump will experience natural wear and tear; other internal components accumulate dirt over time. A dirty evaporator coil drastically reduces a heat pump’s ability to harvest heat.

Heat pump specialists recommend that the evaporator coil should be cleaned after a flood, after a storm and at the beginning of each pool season. Similarly, the vents on the side of the pump, which covers the evaporator coil, should be cleaned to avoid reducing airflow. Make sure to remove twigs, leaves and other debris that build up on the vents. By cleaning your evaporator coil and vents at the right time, expect your heat pump to harvest heat much more efficiently.

Use a Solar Cover

Once you turn off your heat pump, your pool undergoes a natural process of heat loss. Without water circulation, your pool losses heat through surface water evapouration. This process is hastened by natural phenomena such as wind, storms and cold weather. To improve your pool’s ability to retain heat and reduce the running time of your heater, use a solar cover.

Using a solar cover not only improves your pool’s ability to retain heat but also reduces water loss. We only sell Elite solar pool blankets that are considered the premium pool covers in Australia. They feature the Elite Triple Cell® that provides greater heat insulation and generation for premium performance.

Run Your Pump at a Low Speed

Even if you clean the internal parts and use a solar cover, heat loss is still going to happen when you turn off your heater. Although a solar cover can slow down heat loss, it cannot prevent it totally. When your heater is off, keep your pool’s water circulating by running your pump at a low speed.

Controlling your pool’s temperature effectively makes your pool heat pump more energy-efficient. Running your pump at night is a good strategy to avoid reheating your pool in the morning. By keeping the water circulating, you are reducing the chances of heat loss.

Our Innovative Heat Pumps

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