Now and then, we experience muscle pain in different parts of our body. Overexerting when performing physical activity, can cause muscle soreness, especially if you’re new to the exercise or you’ve recently changed your routine. A remedy for most aches and pains is having a dip in a warm pool.

Pool Heating

Soaking in warm water is one of the oldest forms of therapy for muscle pain. Warm temperatures between 30 and 36 degrees is a suitable range for relaxation and muscle pain relief. Warm baths are great for post-workout sessions. Pools are especially splendid for warm water soaks. Simply submerging yourself in a warm pool reduces the force of gravity that compresses your joints, offering all-around support for sore limbs. Pool Heat Pumps in Perth has a range of swimming pool heating options in Perth, all of which are excellent for providing a warm pool.

Good for Movement

Warm water is great for relaxing; it is ideal to move around and stretch in. The water stimulates blood flow to sore and stiff joints and muscles. According to Bruce E. Becker, MD, people who participated in warm water exercises a couple of times a week experience a decrease of around 40% in joint pain. Swimming in a warm pool ‘makes the joints looser’, says Bruce E. Becker, MD and ‘reduces pain’. Famous low-impact pool exercises include forward lunges, one leg balance, sidestepping and arm raises. Others also use Styrofoam noodles or floatation vests to enhance their pool exercises. Just make sure to make gentle movements in the pool to avoid straining your muscles further.

At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we can provide you with a pool heat pump designed to heat up your pool water. Regardless of the size, type and design of your pool, we have suitable heating options for a comfortable, healthy swim. Browse our range today.