Having a heated swimming pool is helpful in places with cooler climates. With a high-quality pool heat pump, you can enjoy your pool all year round and make the most of your investment. We supply a diverse range of advanced and functional pool heat pumps across Perth, sourced from trusted manufacturers and brands.

When it comes to heating your pool, the appropriate temperature varies depending on your specific situation. The consensus is 25-28 degrees Celcius is the ideal temperature, but this can vary depending on swimmer preferences.

There is no one uniform temperature that everyone must follow. Nonetheless, it’s helpful to become aware of the possible effects of high and low pool temperatures.

When is Your Pool Too Cold?

Swimming in the cold is often not recommended due to the potential health risks, but how cold is too cold?

Cold-water swimming has attracted some buzz as a means of ‘burning fat’, based on the logic that your body will produce and emanate more heat, but there is not enough research to conclusively support it. The truth is that cold water can become dangerous very quickly, as it activates your body’s “fight or flight” response. The energetic, invigorating feeling you get when you dive into the cold water may be a sign of shock, in which case you should leave the water immediately especially if you have heart problems.

When is Your Pool Too Warm?

Warmer pools are generally recommended for less strenuous activities, such as leisure or relaxation. Physical therapy waters are usually heated to 28 degrees.

Warmer pools are also suitable for speed swimming and other endurance-building exercises. When pool temperatures are warm, athletes and professional swimmers can exert more energy without subjecting their bodies to too much shock.

Some people prefer their pool temperature on the warmer side, claiming that it helps boost their stamina or helps them build up strength. Warm water became an issue in 2012, when the London Olympic pool was heated to temperatures as high as 32 degrees Celsius. The US and British teams continued to use the pool despite the expressed concerns, with some athletes stating they preferred that level of heat.

Regardless, it’s important to know which level of heat your body is comfortable with. Currently, many competitive swimming organisations mandate that their pools be no warmer than 26 degrees Celsius to ensure the safety and comfort of the athletes. Olympic racing and FINA events maintain temperatures of 25-28 degrees Celsius, while synchronised swimming and diving require pools to be 27 degrees.

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