Ideally, a pool should be complemented by a pool heat pump. According to a report from Woolcott Research & Engagement, nearly 60% out of 1,752 Australian households owned a pool heat pump. With high-quality pool heating equipment, homeowners can beat the cold weather and go for a swim, no matter the time of the year.

Apart from providing excellent temperature solutions for your pool, there are other reasons a pool heat pump is worth the investment. Here are some of them:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Pool heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient pool heating options on the market. They produce greater energy than they consume – they utilise fans and compressors that absorb hot air, convert the air into heat and transfer the heat directly to your pool.

Low Running Costs

With their great energy-efficiency rating, pool heat pumps are also commended for their cost-efficiency. Compared to other heating equipment, pool heat pumps produce heat quicker with less power, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in the long run.


Pool heat pumps are long-lasting, hard-wearing pool heating solutions. A standard system can last up to 20 years, depending on the upkeep. They are designed to withstand tough conditions and require minimal maintenance after purchase and installation. Apart from SOP maintenance, pool heat pumps are built to last.

Environmentally Responsible

Pool heat pumps harvest natural heat instead of burning fuel or relying on resistors. They produce zero carbon dioxide emissions, making them a highly eco-friendly option. So, while you enjoy your pool’s soothing warm water, you are also contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Our Range

At Pool Heat Pumps Perth, we carry a wide selection of pool heat pumps that allow you to make the most of your pool:

  • AstralPool Heat Pumps

The AstralPool heat pump is a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly pool heating option. Just like a reverse cycle air conditioner, it extracts latent heat from the atmosphere and delivers the warmth directly to your pool. Expect fast heat up times and simple installation processes with AstralPool heat pumps.

  • Hayward Heat Pumps

Hayward head pumps have an advanced titanium counter-flow heat exchanger that can heat your swimming pool all year round. The system’s unique selling point is its quiet operation system powered by a profiled fan blade design. The heat pumps come with digital touch pads, a full display and a timer for user convenience.

  • Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps

Similar to Haywayd heat pumps, Aquatight utilises unique titanium heat technology that allows you to cut down energy costs. The pumps absorb warmth from the air and use it to heat your swimming pool. Compared to other pool heating options, homeowners can save up to 80% on power costs with an Aquatight heat pump.

To find out more about our pool heating range, feel free to get in touch with Pool Heat Pumps Perth today for a free quote. As a wholly independent company, we can supply leading brands and install the most suitable product for your needs and budget.